Our design approach should not be about standardized solutions but about experimentation, innovation and above all, applicable and straightforward design details that address to the complexities of the site.
While we work on the ‘large’ scales of inventory, analysis and suitability, we should also expand our knowledge of ‘site scale’ details and techniques that are at the heart of a project’s success or failure.
Choose one aspect from the following list below and investigate one or two alternative design approaches or innovative solutions that address its negative impact.
Show design principles, design techniques (construction), Indicate cases (places) if available, Lessons to be learned

Water edges – (water fronts- buildings, industry) Waterfront 1 Waterfront 2 Waterfront 3 Waterfront 4 Waterfront 5

Road ecology (bridges, surfaces) Road Ecology

Urban streams (edges, flood zones, storm water management BMP),Waste water, Green infrastructure- Stormwater

Vacant lots and raised buildings Lots 1 Lots 2 Lots 3