The destruction of East Biloxi’s wetlands began long before 1966, substantiated by an aerial photo recently obtained.  The wetlands have been channelized and infilled as Biloxi expanded to lower ground.  Wetlands on the Point, remained intact till about 1972, after Camile, with the construction of an industrial park and the “Warehouse.”    This infill process has created permanently inundated wetlands inland because water is no longer allowed to drain naturally.  The Auguste Bay by the Coordination Center was not disturbed until recently with the addition of Back Bay Boulevard and infill for a future condo or possibly a casino, based on a recent map discovered.   The topography of Biloxi reveals the possible locations of previous wetlands.  A wetland is identified by its uplands.  A wetland must be inundated for a extensive enough period to encourage the growth of wetland specific vegetation and wildlife.  The value of a wetland is that it mitigates flooding by slowing or retaining water.  Wetlands also filter runoff and prevents contamination of local water sources. 

Current Wetlands and Uplands